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“Brotox” – Why More Men Are Getting Botox Injections

Historically, Botox was often sought out by women seeking cosmetic enhancements. However, nowadays, I’ve noticed that more men than ever are turning to Botox to boost their confidence, improve their self-image, and ward off visible signs of aging. In 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, I learned that over 265,000 Botox treatments were given to men, and it seems that this trend is continuing to grow steadily with each passing year.

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What is “Brotox”?

The term “Brotox” always makes me chuckle—it’s a clever fusion of “Botox,” the well-known injectable, and “Bro,” highlighting how popular this treatment has become among men. Nowadays, men are undergoing more and more non-surgical cosmetic treatments, realizing that these procedures can truly enhance their appearance and boost their self-esteem. Looking and feeling great through simple procedures can have a significant impact on various aspects of a man’s life, from dating to careers and even their presence on social media.

The days of shying away from cosmetic treatments seem to be fading, and I’m thrilled to see that men are becoming more open to the idea of procedures like Botox. It’s intriguing how societal views are changing, creating an environment where men feel comfortable exploring aesthetic treatments to achieve their desired look.

Is the Procedure for Men Different?

The general concept of the treatment remains the same: Botox, which is derived from botulinum toxin type A, is a neuromodulator protein that temporarily relaxes muscles when injected into specific areas of the face, such as the forehead & crow’s feet. I’ve injected Botox at specific dosages and locations in the armpits and hands to reduce excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, and into the masseter jaw muscle to reduce teeth grinding, or bruxism. Aesthetically, it can smooth out wrinkles and lines, providing a more refreshed appearance without undergoing more intensive surgical procedures. A Botox appointment can take between 15-30 minutes, requires little to no down time post-procedure, and can last anywhere between 3-4 months. With time and consistent treatments, this injectable medication can aid in softening static wrinkles (the wrinkles present at rest) and prevent dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles created with facial expression). As previously mentioned, specific Botox procedures can even safely diminish excessive sweating under the arms or on the hands and feet.

As an experienced injector, I know there are some differences in the approach and treatment goals when it comes to Botox injections for men compared to women. Some factors to consider include:

Facial Anatomy

Men generally have different facial features, muscle density and muscle activity compared to women. The placement and dosage of Botox injections may need to be adjusted accordingly to achieve natural-looking results that align with masculine facial aesthetics.

Treatment Areas

While both men and women may seek Botox injections for similar areas like the forehead, crow’s feet, or frown lines, men may have specific concerns, such as treating a stronger brow muscle, and either preserving or reducing the appearance of a square jaw. I tailor the treatment plan to address these specific concerns.

Desired Outcomes

Desired outcomes: Men may have different aesthetic goals or preferences compared to women. For example, some men may want to maintain some facial expressions or avoid an overly frozen appearance. Others may require a higher dosage of Botox pending the strength of their musculature and metabolism of the medication. I always customize the treatment to ensure the desired outcomes while maintaining a masculine look.

Ultimately,  I personalize Botox injections to the individual, taking into account their unique facial features, goals, and preferences.  It’s important to consult with a qualified injector who has experience in administering Botox to both men and women, and how their facial anatomy and aesthetics differ, to ensure the best possible results.

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